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A visual camera inspection of sewer laterals is highly recommended if you are buying a property. The inspection will ensure that you understand the condition of this critical asset and any potential weaknesses or failure points that need to be addressed before you take ownership. This will help ensure that you don’t get saddled with an expensive problem down the road. A visual inspection is also recommended if you are having chronic or recurring sewer issues, such as more than 1 backup in a 5 year period. Our sewer professionals use state of the art technology with a self leveling camera and distance sensor to provide visual documentation of pipe condition. This video is available on a USB drive.

camera inspection
camera inspection

The Sewer Lateral pipe is arguably the most important and most unconsidered asset of any home. This pipe is critical to connecting your house to the local sewer system and taking waste away from your house to prevent disease and odor. Many sewer laterals were constructed decades ago from a variety of materials (i.e. clay, iron, pvc) and have been slowly degrading and sometimes failing. Most homeowners know very little or nothing at all about their sewer lateral pipe condition until there is a major problem such as a sewage backup that results in raw sewage flowing up into a house’s basement through a floor drain or other drain. This is obviously not a good situation and can result in damage and major inconvenience to the homeowner. Sewer Lateral issues can be caused by poor initial Construction, degradation of the pipe material over time, intrusion of roots from trees in the yard, or ground movements. Additionally most sewer laterals are leaky and take in a lot of groundwater and storm water which flows to the wastewater treatment plant and results in overflows to local waterways that are bad for the environment and cause public health problems at local beaches.

Every homeowner or anyone considering purchasing a home absolutely should get a Sewer Lateral video inspection. If problems are found they can be solved using a point repair or a complete Sewer Lateral relining which is much less costly and intrusive than digging up and replacing the Sewer Lateral.

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